New Mainstreaming Reporting Form

All public  organisations are encouraged to mainstream disability as per the Government of Kenya Performance Contract.

Report on your mainstreaming activity here!

Please ensure that you record all of your reports in the new reporting template. Download it below and return in hard or soft copy to NCPWD.

Guidance Notes: In the Performance Indicators/Targets, record in numbers what you were aiming to achieve (e.g. Objective 3, Target 3: Employ persons with disabilities and retain those who acquire disabilities; Performance Indicators/Targets: How many Persons with Disabilities did you aim to employ/retain), and in the Outputs record what actually happened (e.g. How many Persons with Disabilities were actually employed/retained). The Outputs should therefore be recorded after the activity has actually taken place.

Enquiries to:

NCPWD Disability Mainstreaming Reporting Template

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