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In accordance with article 34, paragraph 13 of the convention, Kenya is required to nominate an expert representative in the committee of experts in consultation with DPOs.
In view of the above, DPOs and Individual experts are called upon to submit their expression of interest accompanied by a detailed CV of the nominee (Person).
Qualifications of a Committee Member:
The Convention provides that members of the Committee shall serve in their personal capacity. That means that they do not represent any government or other organization but act as independent experts. Members must also be of high moral standing and recognized competence and experience in the Convention. In their CVs, candidates should be advised to highlight their competence and experience on the rights of persons with disabilities.
The Committee has three principal functions. The first is the review of periodic reports on implementation and the constructive dialogue with States parties; the second is the receipt and examination of individual communications (complaints) under the Optional Protocol; and the third is the undertaking of inquiries in the case of reliable evidence of grave and systematic violations of the Convention (also under the Optional Protocol).
In addition, and in keeping with the practice of other treaty bodies, the Committee might decide to issue General Comments elaborating the meaning of the provisions of the Convention or cross-cutting themes and might hold Days of General Discussion with States, civil society, United Nations entities and other international organizations.
Committee members should be prepared at a minimum to attend Committee meetings in Geneva, possibly two or three times a year for three weeks each. Committee members are also required to prepare for sessions by reading States parties’ reports, as well as documents submitted by civil society and other organizations. In addition, under the Optional Protocol, Committee members will have to review individual communications (complaints) and may be required to undertake in-country inquiries.
Many Committee members also undertake tasks in the inter-session period such as the preparation of first drafts of General Comments, or attending meetings of meetings of human rights treaty bodies and meetings of Chairpersons of those bodies convened in Geneva.
It is in view of the above that persons meeting this qualifications are called to submit their cover letter and CV to :pwd.socialservices@yahoo.com by 28th March, 2014 at 10:00AM.
NOTE: late applications will not be accepted.
Kindly circulate widely.

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