Challenges specifically faced by persons with disabilities make them more at risk to HIV/AIDS.  Lack of effective communication, especially for persons sensory impairments, poor parental care and negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities puts them more at risk.

National Aids Control Council – This is the national Kenyan agency working to mobilise and coordinate resources for prevention of HIV transmission and provision of care and support to the infected and affected in Kenya. The site contains posters on their Maisha campaign.

Disability Kenya pages on HIV/AIDS: Pages about disabilities and HIV from this independent website.

Liverpool VCT Deaf Programme: Programme within this national voluntary counseling and testing centre which aims to reduce the vulnerability of persons with disabilities to the impact of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS-Free World: Disability resources: A collection of resources and guides on disability and HIV by this international advocacy organisation.

Leonard Cheshire campaign on HIV: Information about the campaign activities in Kenya by this international NGO working on disabilities.

The Africa Campaign on Disability and HIV & AIDS: Scores of resources on HIV/AIDs among persons with disabilities in Kenya.

Disability and HIV/AIDS Report commissioned by Handicap International on HIV/AIDS and persons with disabilities in Kenya.

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