• National Council for Persons with Disabilities

    ...was set up by Act of parliament in 2004 to promote the rights of persons with disability in Kenya and mainstream disability issues into all aspects of national development. Welcome to our website!
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National Development Fund

The National Development Fund aims to eradicate the link between poverty and disability by providing financial support to organisations and individuals. Find out more about how the Fund is helping here. The Fund currently supports the following funding categories:

1. Assistive devices and services  – To improve mobility and access . Includes wheelchairs, crutches, surgical shoes, hearing aid, white cane and others.

2. Educational assistance   – Scholarships for persons with disabilities who wish to pursue education but cannot do so because of financial difficulties.

3. Economic Empowerment & Revolving Fund      – Help for groups of persons with disabilities to set up small businesses or revolving fund schemes.

4. Infrastructure & Equipment    – Assistance or social care and education institutions that provide services to Persons with Disabilities.

5. Cash transfers  – Support for households of persons with severe disabilities who are in extreme poverty.

Please download the Application Guidelines for further information.

New Fund Application Forms and Guidelines!

On  3rdJune 2011 the Board of Trustees approved the new Application Handbook. The handbook contains guidelines on how to apply for the fund including new application forms. It has been designed to clarify how decisions are made at the fund and to make it easier to apply. District Gender and Social Development Officers are being trained on the new application, monitoring and reporting procedures.

DGSDOs work on Application Procedures

New Reporting Forms!

The National Development Fund has also introduced new reporting procedures. Anyone who has received money from the Fund for education assistance, economic empowerment & revolving funds, or infrastructure & equipment is required to report at the end of each quarter. Visit the Monitoring & Evaluation page to download a reporting form.

Download New Application Forms

Assistive Devices                                      Education Assistance

Infrastructure & Equipment                 Economic Empowerment & Revolving Funds

Guidelines for applicants- 8 pages       Application Handbook – 56 pages

Head of Programmes James Ndwiga with DGSDOs and Deputies at the first training workshop

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