• National Council for Persons with Disabilities

    ...was set up by Act of parliament in 2004 to promote the rights of persons with disability in Kenya and mainstream disability issues into all aspects of national development. Welcome to our website!
  • Contact:

    Address: PO Box 66577 - 00800 Nairobi
    Tel / Fax:ABC Office 020 23 75 994 Mountain view Office 020 23 14 621
    Email: ncpwds@africaonline.co.ke
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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities offers the following services.

  • Registration Service:

All Persons with Disabilities, and all organisations of and for persons with disabilities (DPO’s)  are encouraged to register with the Council. Once you are registered, you are eligible to apply for funding from the National Development Fund. Register individuals here. Register groups, organisations and institutions here.

  • National Development Fund

The Fund provides grants to individuals, groups, organisations and institutions towards improved mobility, education, economic empowerment and services for persons with disabilities. Visit the Fund page on this site to find out more.

  • Disability Mainstreaming Training

The Council provides experienced trainers to help your organisation to mainstream disability and become an inclusive environment for staff and clients with disabilities. Contact the Mainstreaming Advisor at the Council for more information.

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