• National Council for Persons with Disabilities

    ...was set up by Act of parliament in 2004 to promote the rights of persons with disability in Kenya and mainstream disability issues into all aspects of national development. Welcome to our website!
  • Contact:

    Address: PO Box 66577 - 00800 Nairobi
    Tel / Fax:ABC Office 020 23 75 994 Mountain view Office 020 23 14 621
    Email: ncpwds@africaonline.co.ke
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Usawa na Haki

Usawa na Haki is a publication for  the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD). It seeks to delight you  in the interactive information through our new and exciting bi-annual newsletter.

To view the whole newsletter, click on the above link of Usawa na Haki.

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